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Survivor of WARRA JARSO MASSACRE speaks out

Buruse Lamma, survivor of the Warra Jarso massacre, speaks out

The Warra Jarso massacre occurred on May 3rd, 2022, in the Warra Jarso district of North Shawa. 18 people, including teenagers and the elderly, were taken by security forces to a cliff in a place called Badhadha Gabreli and executed. Buruse Lamma managed to escape by faking death and then rolling off the cliff.

Warra Jarso District Communication Bureau

The Warra Jarso District Communication Bureau posted pictures of the 16 detained civilians on its Facebook page on May 2nd, 2022. Buruse Lamma is among the detainees pictured. The people in the pictures are the rest of the victims of the Warra Jarso massacre

It is one of several massacres that have occurred throughout Oromia since the government's announcement of a new operation against the Oromo Liberation Army. A week before the Warra Jarso massacre, security forces went on a shooting spree in Ada Barga district killing 46 people on April 26th. Another 20 civilians were killed by drone strikes on 22nd April in neighbouring Abuna Gindabarat district. In Southern Oromia, 22 civilians were extrajudicially murdered by security forces in April.

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